About DPCF


DPCF aims to screen a diverse collection of remarkable, award-winning, thought-provoking films from Palestine and Qatar, including narratives, documentaries, rare early works and video art pieces that offer refreshingly honest, self-described and independent views on history, culture and societies, especially those geographically-isolated. Moreover and besides celebrating established and emerging filmmakers from Palestine and Qatar, DPCF aims to develop a film-appreciation society with grounds for dialogue among various cultures and to reinforce film culture itself amongst the community in Qatar.



We envision a festival that simply brings people together and eliminates borders! Culture, community, education and entertainment are four principles that we stand for at the Doha Palestine Cinema Festival; our first edition is limited to film screenings, while our future editions will offer diverse series of programmes.

Cinema is universal, beyond flags and borders and passports.
— Alejandro González Iñárritu, Film Director

Who We Are

DPCF is an independent community festival initiated by individuals in Qatar who share passion for cinema and narratives, supported by a group of patrons, partners and renowned sponsors.


We always thought that Doha could use more hubs for independent cinema, especially Arab cinema that has and is being well celebrated and awarded in the past decade around the world by renowned international festivals, with a great share for Levant. Moreover, the team has thorough experiences in events management and solid connections with artists, filmmakers, producers and distributors in the region; a privilege that guarantees smooth collaborations and partnerships in the future.