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Qatar Delights (Part I)

  • The Cultural Valley 'Katara' Drama Theatre, Bldg 16 Doha Qatar (map)

A programme of shorts from Qatar

  • A Journey To From Love - Abdullah Al-Mulla

  • Turtles Are Always Home - Rawane Nassif

  • The Fabricator (1&2) - Khalifa Al-Thani

  • The Followers of Gilgamesh - AJ Maki

  • I Have Been Watching You All Along - Rawda Al-Thani

A Journey To From Love (2016)

Narrative / Qatar / 15 min / English subtitles

Screenwriter, Director: Abdullah Al-Mulla
Producer: Nadine Toukan
Cast: Mahmoud Al Mahmoud, MA Lazurdi, Marine George

A journey into the mind of someone suffering from loss. Not knowing what to do when Hajir leaves him, Ashiq keeps all his feelings inside, allowing the pain to fester within his mind, body and soul. He goes through the five stages of grief – denial, anger, depression, bargaining and, finally, acceptance. At each stage, he delves deeper into his soul, until finally, within his heart of hearts, he finally sees reality as it truly is. His pain will be no more and he will be free, able to love again.

Abdullah Al-Mulla grew up in Qatar until moving to the UK to pursue his university studies in medical engineering. He became involved in film through the Doha Film Institute, where he has worked on numerous short films since 2013. He wrote and directed the short film ‘Old Airport Road’ (2014), which explores the theme of care and 'Yellow Nights' (2015) a 7 minute one shot film. Currently, Al-Mulla completed ‘A Journey to from Love’, a surreal screenplay on how a person perceives and deals with loss, which received a grant from the Qatari Film Fund and developing an upcoming animation about a soul’s journey to mend the ego.

Turtles Are Always Home (2016)

Experimental / Qatar, Lebanon, Canada / 13 min / No dialogue

Screenwriter, Director: Rawane Nassif
Producer: Rawane Nassif

A young woman considers the feelings of displacement and otherness that come with being an expat – a situation that gives rise to a contradictory sensation of transient belonging. Her exploration of a residential complex that is still under construction allows the artist to reflect on what it means to live in a fragmented series of places one calls “home” – and to recognise the difference between a home for one’s heart and a home for one’s feet.

Born in Beirut in 1983, Rawane Nassif is a Lebanese/Canadian filmmaker and anthropologist. She has a BFA in Filmmaking from the Université Saint Joseph in Lebanon and an MA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Alberta in Canada. Her work addresses space, identity, displacement and memory and spans different formats such as films, children's books, oral history projects and publications.

The Fabricator (2017)

Mockumentary / Qatar / 8 min / English subtitles

Screenwriter, Director: Khalifah Al-Thani
Cast: Hamad Al Ammari, Bayan Dahdah, Ben Robinson

A black comedy of two parts tackling the aftermath of the Blockade on Qatar. Where is The Milk? features the "News Professional" who gets interviewed by a foreign news channel about the state of cows in his farm. We see what his life is like behind the scenes as well as on camera. Friends With Ghosts! features the "News Professional" who gets interviewed by a "Real" news correspondent about some “paranormal” activities in Qatar.

Khalifa Al-Thani is an independent filmmaker with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Video from the School of Visual Arts in New York. He is currently in the pre-production stages of his short film 'Borders' and in the final stage of development with his feature-length script 'The Voice of Amirah', and he's one of the team members of Training and Development division at Doha Film Institute.

The Followers of Gilgamesh (2016)

Narrative / Iraq, Qatar, UK / 15 min / English subtitles

Screenwriter, Director: AJ Maki
Producer: Ghouna Jaber
Cast: Faysal Selo, Hamad Al Ammari, THE BOY’S NAME

After the death of his father, a 12 year old boy devises a risky plan to find out why he was never allowed into his father's room. With questions still surrounding the cause of his father's death, the truth that lies in the bedroom will shake the foundation of everything the boy ever knew.

Abdul Jabbar Maki began his career editing documentaries in the UK for various broadcasters including The Discovery Channel, Channel 4, and the BBC. He then moved to Qatar to join the Doha Film Institute where he worked with local and regional filmmakers, editing numerous short films, documentaries and commercials. The Followers of Gilgamesh is his first short film.

I Have Been Watching You All Along (2017)

Narrative / Qatar / 10 min / English subtitles

Screenwriter, Director: Rawda Al-Thani
Producer: Kamal Aljafari
Cast: Noor Al Thani

A young woman wanders about an abandoned cinema, rummaging through its storerooms and curiously exploring the mechanical and celluloid detritus that has been left behind. A sense of transgression is in the air – the woman is, after all, trespassing – and she finds herself constantly being watched by several men who, we assume, oversee the disused property. This vague threat notwithstanding, she projects scraps of old footage, creating a freeform narrative all her own, breathing new life into forgotten artifacts.

Rawda Al-Thani is a film programmer and filmmaker. In her films, she aims to examine the rapidly changing urban landscape of Qatar and its effects on its people.

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The Wanted 18 (2014)